Wanna build an app?

Here’s my standard email reply to someone wanting to build an app in Perth:
You’re right, there’s a bunch of different pricing out there and it all comes down to how much work it is to specify, design, build and test your app. The way that you can help reduce the price (and the pain!) is to prototype or “wireframe” all of the functionality of the app using good old pen and paper or something like https://balsamiq.com/
Here’s some pointers I can give you:
1) As a general guide, you’d be looking at $10k+ for a custom app for both the iOS and Android platforms. We generally advise to go with one platform to begin with (usually iOS) so that you can test the market
2) There are companies out there that may consider offering you a discounted rate in exchange for equity in the idea. Search around in the local startup community.
3) Don’t try to fit too much functionality into your initial app build. Think about the minimum feature set that allows your app to accomplish its goals. If the idea catches on, it will be easier to find funding/motivation to build out more features in the future
4) If your app fits into a problem set which has already been tackled by another app company, but you just want to brand or localise it for your specific market, you may be able to save money by licensing a “white-label” version of someone else’s app. A quick google search will help you find this out. For example, I searched for a white label real estate app and found this: http://home.smarteragent.com/products/broker-white-label/ for $350/month
All the best in your app adventures!

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